digital ultrasound

digital radiology


Portable ultrasound is a wonderful tool for helping us diagnose soft tissue injuries and is used frequently in helping pinpoint the basis of many lameness issues. Ultrasound is also used to explore the abdomen and chest for signs of colic and pneumonia. In addition, we may also use ultrasound to image masses, lymph nodes, and various odd swellings on the body. Our reproductive ultrasound machine is used to image the mare's reproductive tract and helps us monitor ovulation and pregnancy. 

Our digital radiology units are completely portable, cordless and are made for use on the farm. Radiology is useful in helping us diagnose podiatry issues, orthopedic injuries, and arthritis just to name a few. Working alongside with your farrier, we are able to use radiology to measure the palmar angles of your horses feet to suggest shoeing changes and make improvements in their comfort and performance. Radiology is also helpful during pre-purchase exams, as we are able to image various joints to predict potential concerns down the road. Since the images are available immediately, your vet is able to suggest treatment options and discuss the images with you right away, giving you answers in a timely manner.

Gastroscopy is an invaluable tool in diagnosing gastric ulcers. It is composed of a scope with a small camera that is able to capture images of your horse's digestive tract from esophagus to pylorus(entrance to the small intestine). With this tool, we are able to capture images of your horses stomach (both glandular and squamous portions) to determine if your horse has ulcers, the severity of the ulcers and the course of treatment required. Images are viewed and recorded as the scope is performed, allowing us to discuss diagnosis and treatment with you immediately.

Endoscopy is similar to gastroscopy but is instead used to image the upper airway for issues such as exercise intolerance, ethmoid hematomas (which primary symptom is nasal bleeding), chronic cough, allergies and laryngeal hemiplegia (roaring). 

laboratory services

We offer several in-house laboratory services from CBC and chemistries, to fecal egg counts, IGG, semen analysis, cultures and SAAs. With these tools, we are able to provide our clients with same day, accurate results so we can get your horse feeling and performing their best as soon as possible. In addition to our in-house lab work, we also offer referral diagnostic testing for various other tests, allowing us to confirm a diagnosis and implement a treatment plan in a timely manner.